Personal Narrative: The Day I Changed My First Diaper

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The day I changed my first diaper was one that changed my life. When I was at the pubescent age of eleven, I was asked by my family to change my Cousin Isabella’s diaper. For most people this would seem like an easy and simple task that would be done very quickly. This was not the case for me. Isabella is one of the feistiest toddlers that I have ever met, and I love her with my entire heart. I went to change her diaper and everything was going so smoothly and wonderfully, I thought that I was a professional. That is when everything broke loose. She started to fight everything I said, she wouldn’t listen to me and she was running around trying to touch everything in her way. (A Miniature Godzilla). It was so insane at one point that I hadn’t even realized that she was trying to escape. So I took her arm and put on the diaper, then her pants and let her run out the door.…show more content…
She taught me to take what I had and multiply it, so that I could give back to the community that worked so hard to give to me. The combination of trying to giving back to my community and the joy I receive from working with kids, had led me into the career if teaching. Teaching allows me to give chances to kids to make the world a more vibrant and rewarding place. I want to work with the children that normally wouldn’t be given a second look; those with an imagination to save the world. I believe that the world most important resource is their future generations. They will grow up to take on what was left behind. I want to steer them into the path of how to save the world and not destroy it. It is important to me to make sure that worlds future superheroes are confident enough in their own childhood to prepare for their lives. Every day they make my live better by smiling and enjoying life, and I want to do the same for them. It is this ability that encourages me to become a
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