Personal Narrative: The Day I Get My First Deer

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One morning, on a nice sunny day. I wake up in excitement, and I thought, “ today will be a good day, I may get my first deer.” I walk into the family room and see all the things we need for the hunt. My Dad told me to go get ready. I saw my brother and sister, they said, “ Jake! We get to go with you. I sighed and said, “ I know.” I got some stuff to eat, by some I mean alot. My Dad called everyone to get in the truck or we would get there late. I soon realized in the truck that that we were going to be hunting tomorrow. My Dad said, “ The place doesn’t open till tomorrow. We still have to run by there and get signed up. We will go to the hotel first.” When we were heading there I smelt a strong odor. It actually smelled like onions. I looked…show more content…
I was so mad but it was only 8 in the morning so I thought there will be plenty more deer. I had a either sex tag so that meant I could shoot a doe or buck. But I wanted a buck. All day we looked and looked for a buck but I couldn 't find one. We had seen about fifty doe’s but still 1 buck. I finally made my mind to go after the next one so my tag doesn’t go to waste. We saw a doe about 150 yards from the road. We got out of the truck and went to go walk but we lost it. It was about to get dark, you can’t hunt when it’s dark so we had to make a move and fast. I finally spotted and deer and it wasn’t far. Only about 50 yards from the road. It saw me and it started running, I took the shot. It fell, I had got it. All of the fear went away, I could breath. We dragged it up on the road and took pictures. But then we had to skin it so we didn’t waste the meat. Then it was time to go home. I was so hungry I could eat an entire cow. We went to KFC and got the big bucket of chicken. Me, Wade, and Ellee fell asleep. My mom woke us up and said, “ Go inside take showers and go to bed sleepy heads.” So I did, I went to go lay on my bed to go to bed. The moon shined the window to give a little light in the peaceful room, and I thought, what a

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