Personal Narrative: The Day I Learned In Professional Sports

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There was sweat on my face I didn’t know what to do. I was riding in a silver Ford F150 it was the first game of the season I was super nervous and I waited and waited to get to the field. Then like that we were there at bromfield industrial field I was so hyped but nervous I. Grabbed my baseball bag and rocketed towards the field. A couple of friends were there already so we got our arms loose and started our sprints man those things were so tiring. I went to the dugout to chill. Write as I was just about in my dad said,”Wyatt you 're pitching.” I said in my dang it because I didn 't know what was. Then I jogged to him he had a white and gray catchers glove on. He told me to throw a fast ball and I hurled the ball write were his glove was. He took it off and shook his hand. The highest speed I can throw is almost…show more content…
We ran to the dug out the score was ten to two it was Jared 's turn to bat so he got up to bat and tapped the plate indicating that he was ready for the pitch strike one strike two ball one strike three as jeret finished his swing. it was Jack 's at bat he got hit in the leg now it was my turn to hit strike one strike two ball ball two ball three the pitch was write down the middle I swung as hard as I could but I didn 't feel contact I looked back and the catcher the ball was in his glove I thought in my head no I should of waited on it nothing really happened after that I realised that I was sitting the bench nobody scored three batters came up three batters got out I waited to bat again finally it was my turn to bat I was so ready I stepped up to the plate there was sweat on my face and I didn 't know what to do if I should swing I have to the ball came write down the middle bang I swung I felt contact I ran as fast as I could then i realized it was a home run I jogged around the bases and saw my whole baseball team waiting for me to touch home I touched the plate and every one dog piled on top of me the ball traveled 256 ft it was the best
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