Personal Narrative: The Day My Father Left El Salvador

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Everything began about 12 years ago in El Salvador. When my father left El Salvador to come here to the United States, leaving my siblings, my mother, and me in El Salvador to give us a better life. Since that moment, when I saw my parents, working arduously every single day to try to get us out of poverty, to have better life conditions for me and my brothers; I knew that I had to become a professional to help my parents and reward them for all the effort and sacrifice that they have done for me. Years later, I started to wonder how engines, computers, and every type of machines work, and after going deeper into the topic, I felt fascinated in knowing how complex things work. From that moment I knew that I have to become an engineer. Ten years after the moment when my father left El Salvador, my mother, my brothers and I came to the United States to be together with my father as a complete family again. Hurtful it was for me to leave an entire life in Central America, my customs, and plans for my life, just to come to a new country to begin a new life. Starting from zero was not easy, and at the beginning I was absolutely frustrated because when I came to the United States, the school decided to delay two years, due to I did not know English, they set me in 10th grade, when in El Salvador I was in 12th grade. Learning English was one of the…show more content…
I have the ability to concentrate very well which allows me to pay attention to all the details of the lesson being taught. This is helping me to become English one of my strengths. Certainly, my principal academic strength is mathematics, because this is the subject that challenge me the most and the field which I like the most. However, with effort, the determination that I possess, and my ability of being a quick learner I know that soon English is going to be one of my academic
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