Personal Narrative: The Do Nothing Strategy

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Confession time readers, It’s time to find out what makes us tick, what strategy we employed to make us one of the best. The strategy we used is an ancient, enigmous, trying one; many have tried and failed to comprehend the effectiveness of this strategy, this strategy requires patience, diligence, and faith in my in the Israeli State. This strategy often referred to as ... the do nothing strategy Hold on a second, I don’t mean I did nothing at all. I just meant that while I was relaxing in the comfort of my home, signing deals for US troops to come, ordering soldiers to patrol our borders and skies, then sitting back and watching the mayhem befalling our neighbors and Europe. All was going well initially we only had to trade electronics to…show more content…
My co-president Max was the voice of reason in this instance, convincing me to stick with our strategy, to just reinforce our defense, and let the USA lend us aid; Max’s justification was we didn’t want to start the end of the world or get ourselves into a conflict our citizens would be unhappy with. With great reluctance I conceded that I would have to stick with our strategy until at least I knew for sure who bombed us. Our main strategy was to utilize our alliance with the USA to the fullest capability. Now only were they a wonderful deterrent to our neighbors but they also were willing to help supply and aid our military when needed. In return we supplied the USA with any relevant intelligence they may not know of, such as when Saudi Arabia frier built nukes. These two strategies were the main reasons why our glorious nation was able to prevail as one of the most successful in this simulation. Successful due to the fact all of our citizens were happy, the hamas was driven out of the gaza strip, and we were never nuked. Yalla for now for reader, and don’t forget to visit one of the best, most competent, and prosperous nations in the Middle
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