Personal Narrative: The Dori Life

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The Dori Life

My sister Kelsey Dori Elyea is 23 years old, she has 2 jobs at Buffalo Wild Wings and at the Hospital. For her working a lot she has made enough money for college to become a surgical nurse. She came from non married parents that soon left each other when she was only 6 years old. As she got older mom finally gets married 4 year later. A year passed on with the marriage and they had a second child (me).
My sister started to think that with another child less attention for her, she was right. Soon many fights all over the house started. First, it was my dad and sister fighting that she saw someone in his pole barn and he didn’t believe her. Next, my mom started yelling at him because he lost his job with drinking and drugs. Finally, my mom told my dad that he has a drinking problem and that she was going to move out. Also because he wasn’t treating her right by cheating and having an affair with another woman.
Kelsey, my mom, and I then move out after they have had enough with all the yelling and fighting. My mom and dad soon then got divorced and all goes good but only for a while. My sister started not do well in school with all the family stress that was being put on her. After about a year she starts to do better in school once everything has calmed down. Soon the stress gets so bad she wants to
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Even though my sister has gone through the bad and the good times I will always believe in her, she is my hero and my guide on how to survive the bullies and the hardest bumps in the road that have hit our family like a truck. Even when her and I have our bad days she has always been my partner in crime, my one and only true best friend, no matter what she does I will always love her no matter what the situation

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