Personal Narrative: The Drive

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Personal narrative The Drive I personally hate mornings, they’re always way too early, and my bed is just too comfortable to leave. However, my mom isn’t affected by mornings at all. That's why she decided to wake me up at five thirty on a Saturday morning. I feel someone shaking me slightly and softly whispering “Jaime… Jaime… time to get up.” The voice exclaimed. I groan loudly and roll over towards the wall. “Five more minutes” I mumbled. My mom says “up and at ‘em” and walks out of my room, down the hallway.. I get up, slowly dragging my feet across the floor as I walk to my dresser, got dressed in my favorite t-shirt and my most comfortable blue-jean short, grabbed my softest pillow and a fluffy blanket, then shuffled down the dark hallway
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