Personal Narrative: The Drum Major

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Since the day I started at NBHS and got to witness the strength, responsibility, and the impressions able to be made by a senior with a title in the band, I knew I wanted to audition for one my junior year. I will never forget my original seniors. They were like gods to me. They knew everything about the band, they made it so the band would function at its fullest potential, and they brought guidance and structure to all those who were under them. There are many layers to band leader positions. At the top is the Drum Major, under them are their drill sergeants, and under them are the head section leaders and the normal section leaders. I origanlly would have been content as a section leader. I would have been in control of the drumline and…show more content…
Parts of rehearsals would pass by being unproductive and even though by the time we needed to perform people weren 't able to tell, it 's hard for me not to wonder how much better we could have been if that time wasn 't wasted. When the date for band position annoucements came along, I knew what I would get and I wasn 't upset at all. When Dr. Kayser annouced the names of the three Drill Sergeants, my heart was bursting with pride. You see, drill sergeant is the highest position one can get in band in which one may also play an instrument. If I had received drum major as I hoped, I would have been more than happy to lead the group, but would have missed dearly being a part of the sound that comes along with the band. I was given the opportunity to lead and also lead by example. I showed how a strong unit works together to perform tasks and get the job of putting together an ensemble done effectively, and also still play the instrument I love dearly. People have come up to me saying how I inspired them, or how my job as a drill sergeant as extremely well done. I have so much pride for what I accomplished as a leader of the band. I was able to go home after a game and not only say that I was a part of such an amazing group, but I was a major factor in what made them so amazing
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