Personal Narrative: The Experiences Of Native Americans

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There has never been a greater disturbance in our tribe, than the one we experienced this morning. This could change the way we think and live for the next thousand generations. And to think, everything was starting out just like any other day. We awoke at the crack of dawn as always to attempt to hunt for buffalo; until we heard a scream from a child coming from the shore. The whole tribe dashed towards the beach, following the horrible shrieks the little girl was making. As soon as we stepped onto the sand, we could not believe our eyes. Three colossal canoes were headed our way, although they were not your ordinary canoes. No, these were incredibly peculiar. Apart from being one hundred times their original sizes, they each had three enormous wooden poles standing vertically in the front, middle, and rear of the canoes. And each pole had a piece of some sort of rectangular white cloth draped across, it almost seemed as if it was breathing. The mutant canoes were getting too close for comfort, but no one moved, it was as if we were all in a trance.…show more content…
Once we all sprinted back the chief held an emergency meeting to figure out what we were going to ensure the lives of our people. He said that we should stay for the reason that this land had been ours for thousands of years. Everyone trusted a fairly wholesome amount of the chief’s decisions since he was the wisest of us all, but some of our people betrayed the chief and left. The ones that stayed were preparing for the worst, or what we thought could be the worst. Everyone was running around like chickens without a head. The men were making a strategic plan to ensure the safety our people, and gathering all the weapons, in case something goes wrong, bows, arrows, and spears. The woman, on the other hand, were getting all the children in one place, and at the same time preparing what might have been some of the men’s last
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