Personal Narrative: The FBI Career Path

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The FBI is considered by many to be an elite job, filled with the top echelon of society. With jobs ranging from counterterrorism to cyber crime; violent crimes to drug crimes, the FBI deals with it all. This job is not for the faint of heart; those who have no drive or motivation will not succeed in this career path and would find it difficult to excel within this prestigious profession. The entry process in and of itself is grueling and many are unable to meet the high standards set by the FBI. Despite the seemingly impossible task of getting chosen as a special agent, those who can succeed in such a profession find themselves ahead in the world with many options open to them. The risk is great, the reward is greater. Those who join are aware…show more content…
The more I learned the less intimidated I became by the future ahead of me and the more I became energized by this path. With the desire to see change large scale and the determination to do just that; I doubt I will have much problem getting into and progressing within the agency. In order to be successful in this career it has to begin at a young age, keeping a spotless record and being wise in financial and life choices. The path to my career starts now and I do not take this road lightly, it starts with an education and experience and can grow into something so much more. I do not recommend this job to everyone, it is not possible for many and too difficult for others. This is not a job a college graduate would be able to achieve right off the bat, it takes years to build up to. Just like any law enforcement agency your life is on the line, you become a target, your family becomes a target, the hours are long, and path is longer. To become a part of these elite you need a strong mind and will, you need to realize your life will no longer be your own but it will revolve around the FBI and the country they are sworn to

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