Personal Narrative: The Fidget Spinner

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The Fidget Spinner that Rocked the World Friendship is an amazing thing. Having a bond that can be so close is important yet sometimes these bonds break in a second. My experience with friendship is a rocky boat, my best friend and I lost our relationship over a plastic wonder, a Fidget Spinner….. My Fidget Spinner. My “best friend” and I were walking to the bus stop together. The weather was nice and breezy, perfect for Fidget Spinners. I pulled out my $8 pure plastic Fidget Spinner out of my backpack and gave her a whirl. “Ahhhhhhhh.” I said satisfied. Ellie (my best friend), asked if she could give her a spin. I told her she could if she was careful. Ellie spun a perfect spin, balanced, clean and smooth. “Wow! Can you do any tricks?” Ellie…show more content…
As I approached the girl who was supposed to be watching it she became to look very worried. I asked for it back and she said “I am so sorry I left it in the locker room before gym and when I came back it was gone! Just like that!” I then became the nervous one. Sarah is going to kill me! I thought to myself. What could I do to make it right? I went back to the locker room to make sure my lazy peer didn’t just leave it on the bench but it was gone. I checked the office and even all the classrooms. Nothing. I decided to come clean to Sarah about what happened, I knew she would understand. I told her what happened and she got mad, like it was MY fault? No! It is a shame that Sarah never got her Fidget back and that we never made up. In conclusion, both the girls were being extremely childish. Really, a fight about a Fidget Spinner? Sarah should have been more understanding and Ellie should have just owned up to it. An easy solution would have been for Ellie to kindly replace the missing object and for Sarah to keep her temper under control. Overall, there were two sides to this story yet both girls were in the
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