Personal Narrative: The Fighting Moth

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Today was the dangerous day of my life. My body change in all way my back sprouted wings. My body change colors my eyes turned yellow, my legs and arms grow and started manifesting and to my whole life. Then to my old life was still with me but the new addition to it was and is “The Fighting Moth” the reason of this to help the people and free them from the villain hood of the “Trio of Power” but hopefully they were no match for the Fighting Moth and “Kassi the Leech”. The journey with the power of my wing power, telekinesis,telepathy,force field, and invincibility with these power me and my sidekick Kassi the Leach were not to be messed with. Now I became “The Fighting Moth” then a week later I met “Kassi the Leach” and You the reader may or may not know who I am first I told my huge just found out secret. Today is the day I tell you guys and girls the way I became “The Fighting Moth” one day I was in chemistry class and we were testing the “Brown…show more content…
After a week pass I wasn 't able to change back anymore but then I just tried tiring myself out but that didn 't work. So then I just tried using my telekinesis to reverse the transformation. Then after that didn 't work I was hopeless I tried and tried. I then realized using my powers wasn 't cutting and I was then transformed and was free formed that means I was able to go between human and “Fighting Moth” the city really need me and “Kassi the Leech” the city knew who we were and knew now that we are now gone but then realized we were not gone but just in the shadows helping in the distance but a year later on the day I was transformed into the “Fighting Moth” my powers were fading and then were gone. Then I tested my dna and realized my cells repair them self and I decided to take the dose and make it stronger so then I could be the “Fighting Moth” forever but it was 1,000 years later I finally realized my dose made me love forever so that my story and so on I 'm still saving people and one I might come and
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