Personal Narrative-The Fireman

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“pull your hood down” On a cold windy night my big brother and I walked to Dimple records music store to listen and buy some music. We walked into the store and I felt a wave of excitement overwhelm me. I looked at my brother, eyes big, my head bobbed up and down, I began to dance. I shouted out over the loud music, this is my shit bro!. He must have understood what I meant because he begin to dance as well. We danced all the way to the CD aisle. We stopped to looked at one of Lil Wayne’s album, The Fireman, one of his best albums I thought. We walked around in search for one more CD ,Disturbing the peace by Ludacris but realized it was sold out by it’s empty slot with just the label tag left. So we joked, laughed, and dance our way to the front counter. The cashier yells out over the loud music, fourteen-ninety nine please. I reached into my red hooded sweat shirt, pulled out my money and gave it to my brother to hand to the clerk. I then turned and spotted a friend that had walked by outside the store. I darted out the store to catch up, took a few steps away from the front door, just as I was about to grab my friends attention an employee…show more content…
My brother stood next to me face frowned, arms crossed his chest, shouts out he didn 't do anything, let us go. The clerk rummaged through my red hooded swear shirt, he gazed at me, focused on my empty pulled inside out jean pockets with a look of confusion on his face. He shortly realized I didn 't steal anything. He then ask my brother and I to stay where we were at and not moved very politely. The clerks manager walks up to my brother and I, hands me two CD 's and my brother a fifteen dollar gift card. He says, “There was another kid with a red hooded sweat shirt that had stolen a couple CD’s a few minutes ago”. I quickly realized he thought I was that boy, the manager looks at me and says,” I 'm sorry, pull your hood down next time you walk into any

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