Bullying Narrative

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The first day of sophomore year, people would usually be excited about it but I’m scared to go to school because Harry would be there and he would start bullying me again. I had three months for myself, without him beating me up.

The summer is always the best part of a school, along with all holidays because I get away from Harry and his clique. That’s right, Harry has a clique, who also bully me.

I shook the thoughts out of my brain and I hopped into the shower. After the shower, I put on a dress and some makeup, then I curled my strawberry blonde hair and went downstairs to get breakfast.

I said goodbye to my parents and I walked my way to school, hoping I don’t bump into Harry or else I’ll have a morning beating from him and
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We both waited in silence till the police officer entered my room and started asking the questions.

“Why were you in the janitor’s closet?”

I froze, not knowing what to tell him; Harry would kill me if I told him the truth, so I decided to lie.

“I got a text that said ‘go to the janitor’s closet’,”

“Were you expecting someone to show up?”

“No,” I lied again.

“Why did you choose to obey this text rather than ignore it?” the police officer asked, narrowing his eyes at me like he knows I am lying.

“Because it was threatening,” I replied truthfully for the first time.

“What did the whole text say, Lydia?”

I let out a shaky breath as I told him, “it said ‘go to the janitor’s closet or else’.”

“Can I ask a question?” I looked at the officer as he nodded.

“Who found me and brought me here?”

“Someone named Harry, he is a student at your school,” The officer replied.

So it wasn’t Harry who pulled this stunt? If it wasn’t Harry, then who did this to me?

“Don’t worry, we will find whoever did this to you,” The officer gave me a reassuring smile and I smiled back.

The doctor and the officer left my room as Harry walked
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