Personal Narrative: The Five People You Meet In Heaven

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Hmm. What is heaven? Well, after reading this book, my thoughts are different. When I thought of Heaven, I thought of lush gardens, where everything is bright and beautiful, and everybody is ice. I thought that you would enter at golden gates. I thought it was a place that you would stay as a reward for being a good human being on Earth. I still do believe that. After reading the book, The Five People You Meet In Heaven, I am starting to take their thoughts into account as well. I would think that in Heaven is a real place to all your family and rounds that are still residing on Earth. I also think that you would meet those who have passed before you. People can look at Heaven through either a religious point of view, or a non-religious point…show more content…
In Heaven is where I will see all my friends and family. I will be happy -- everyone will be happy. There is no depression. There is also no war. Nobody needs to quarrel about money, resources, or anything they may need or want. We would have our world problems. People wouldn't be living in poverty -- one of our biggest problems. There won't be terrorism. There won't be groups like Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, ISIS, or Taliban, groups who try to take over using violence. There also wouldn’t be racism. Even though supposedly racism supposedly ended in the late 70’s, we still have much of it today. In Heaven, we also wouldn't have cliques. Everybody would be friends with everybody. There wouldn't be a rank of how beautiful, healthy, popular, or skinny somebody was. People wouldn't be mean. Heaven will be like the new Earth, but without the problems. As well as not having the problems, there will be other things that will be done in Heaven. Like I said before, we would see those who are still on Earth through Heaven. In Heaven, we would be able to learn about the things we didn't understand on Earth, such as: what is life?, and what is my purpose? So really, what is Heaven? Well, we just gonna have to find

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