Personal Narrative: The Five Stages Of Dealing With Death

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Denial I have dreamed and thought about this exact moment for months now. The moment we would confess our juvenile love for eachother, kiss one another, lay next to each other, and talk about our senseless ideas. I fell in love with you, us, the idea of us, and what our future held for us. Denial is the refusal to admit the truth or reality of something, Merriam Webster Dictionary.

The only thought I had never put into my head was the day I’d find out you were gone. I denied it. It was a natural instinct. I slowly did not speak another word. The Five Stages of Dealing with Death were introduced in 1969 by Elisabeth Kubler Ross in her book On Death and Dying. Denial is also described as a psychological defense mechanism in which confrontation with a personal problem or with reality is avoided by denying the existence of the problem or reality.

I fit the description of average high school sophomore, I pulled in B’s C’s, I hated math class just like the rest of my
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Denial peels the hindered traumas and emotions, you have solely locked away. The immense amount of time, Matt and I spent together resulted in a platonic relationship. His nuclear family, Matt, and I were the only individuals who were aware about our relationship. During my regular commute from work to home, I would receive a call Matt every night. We would talk endlessly on the phone about schoolwork, families, argue senseless, and he would inform me on sports I didn’t like or partake in, however I still enjoyed our conversations. After a busy day of school and work I was slightly upset at Matt because I did not receive a call from him that night. I assured myself if when I got home he would call me, I was wrong. I got a call from his younger sister instead, she couldn't form words and I could hear her weep through the phone. “Matthew shot himself”, were the words I could make out of from the sobbing and loud out cries in the
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