Personal Narrative: The Five Stages Of Grief

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After a death or loss of something close, people usually react similarly by going through the five stages of grief. These stages include denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance. During a death of my Great Aunt, my family went through the stages of grief. I was close with her when I was younger, but I do not have many memories I remember with her so I did not experience much grief. On the other hand, my Great Uncle went through a lot of grief since she was his older sister. During the stages of grief, people usually go through denial first. Denial is the stage where an individual will not accept the loss or death of someone or something. They will usually be overwhelmed with emotions they never felt before and get confused. After this, most people will proceed into the next stage, anger. Anger is when the victim of grief will express themselves negatively and will be mad at themselves or others for not doing something to prevent this. They will be mad at themselves for not treating that person or thing better. For …show more content…

As for my Great Uncle, he went through a tough time. When I was in middle school, my Great Aunt became very sick and was admitted to a hospital. At the hospital, we were told that she has another year or two to live, but that was not the case. Soon it became only 6 months but then her condition improved so they said it would be another year. Shortly after the doctor said that, her condition got a lot worse from before and she passed away a few months later during the summer. During the wake and the funeral, my Great Uncle was devastated and could not believe that his older sister has died. During this time I tried to remember the time when my family was living with her, but I could not remember besides the fact that she was a very good cook and that in my family, her lasagna and soups were the best thing we have ever

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