Personal Narrative: The Football Field

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“A house is made of walls and beams… A home is made of love and dreams,” (William Arthur Ward). As teammates, we are brothers on that field, and we have to put everything out on that field together. We have to show love towards each other because without it; we will fall. We have to work together to see our dreams realized or we will be crushed. When we step onto that football field, nothing else matters except the man to your left and right.When those lights come on at the football field, everyone is focused in on one object and that is to win. The football field is perfect to me and this is my home. We do not get that much attention until Friday Night coming from a small town where our catchphrase is “300 good old friendly folks and a few old soreheads.” Then, the Friday Night Lights come on, and Puckett’s population doubles in a matter of hours. The football field beckons for the people to come and cheer on the Puckett Wolves. It has been through so much…show more content…
The field is painted and ready to go. The endzones are ready to welcome a person in for a touchdown. My home is perfect, and it is going to stay that way. When the ball is kicked off the tee, it feels like a ton of bricks have finally been taken off of me. The crowd is cheering behind me, but I am just focused in on the game. It seems like a war out there because both teams are battling for every yard they get. The game is dead even, but we have the ball with a minute to go. We march down the field slowly, but with effect. We only have ten seconds to go, and we are at the twenty yard line. Everyone is quiet because they know that this will determine the game. Our quarterback lets the ball fly, and time just seems to slow down. The wide receiver jumps for the ball, and he somehow catches it. The crowd erupts, and we rush the field and celebrate with our teammate. The game is over, but we have made a new memory at our
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