Personal Narrative: The Freedom Writers

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Only I know what I enjoy to read and will not put me to sleep. When we got to pick what I wanted to read about and write the paper on. I could really get focused into the book and paper because it interested me. Now only a couple of papers interest me and keep me attuned to the book. The ECA had me read a boring story then write a paper about it, and that was a struggle for me because the story was beginning to bore me to death. I really didn’t know how in the world I was going to write a story over a paper that put me to sleep. If I could choose the material for the writing assignment then I would have more enthusiasm towards writing the paper. The people that had me read something that is about how fossils were made stuff like that. What…show more content…
To me it is so much easier to write a paper on a short story because it is so much easier to go back and find material for my paper. If I had to read a story,then I would have to go back and read a couple of paragraphs to find the right material for my paper. I can’t stand doing that it bores me especially if it is a book that doesn’t excite me. In Sophomore year english we had to read “The Freedom Writers” which I didn’t really care for and had to write a paper on it. My teacher told me that I had to have at least three pieces of text in my paper to get a good grade. I couldn’t find the pieces of text I needed because I didn’t really pay attention to the book when we started to read the story. When we read the Of Mice and Men it was amazing I had to read ahead and find out what happened next to Lenny. It so easy to write a paper for that story because that book was my favorite during Sophomore year. Writing that paper was so easy I got it done in a matter of three days. I wanted to read the story again and again even if I already knew what had happened to Lenny. It just kept grabbing my attention that story kept me attuned to the task at hand which was to write a paper about
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