Personal Narrative: The French Revolution

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Several years ago, I lived as a peasant girl. Both of my parents are laborers on a rural farm, as well as myself, because I was already 12 years old and we needed to survive. We were surviving, but without the extras in life. We were lucky to at least have food, shelter, and clothing. It was a better life that a lot of the other families had at that time. Being part of the lower class, we were paying taxes on our necessities, while the upper class weren’t. France was in a lot of debt because the country had spent more money than it had. To make things worse, there had been hard harvests. This made price of food even higher than it already was, even though we were working on a farm. I went to go visit the city and find out why this was happening.…show more content…
Unbelievable. As I walked around the city, I saw several people gathering around the Versailles. I asked the baker what was going on, and he said that our king summoned the three estates to discuss everything wrong with France, including the financial crisis it was in at the time. Not fully understanding, I asked him to explain why so many people were still outside. He said that first and second estate outvoted the third estate in most situations. Because of this, the third estate would like to vote by order instead. I believed this is fair, since a majority of the population is represented by the third estate, including myself. Now that I look back at this event, I believe this contributed to the rise of democracy, because the third estate believed in a fair vote,and were the first brave enough to suggest the…show more content…
Robespierre was one of the chief architects of the Reign of Terror, and supported the idea of a republic. Those who resisted the republic, usually those in the upper class, were charged with treason and executed immediately. The guillotine, or fast falling blade killed people immediately. The republic began to form around this time, turning France into a type of democracy.Nearly 10 years after the reign of terror began, Napoleon begins to reform France, bringing the French Revolution to an end. Napoleon’s military success greatly influenced his decision to crown himself as France’s emperor. Many people supported Napoleon, such as my family and the rest of the lower class. This is because he acknowledged their right to own land.He had several reforms of revolution, and one of the most influential was the economic reform.Napoleon contributed to the rise of democracy by allowing people to vote. My family and I were now able to live the life we always wanted. Even though there was a large amount of violence involved in the French Revolution all of the blood loss,it contributed to the growth of democracy. People were able to exercise their right to rebel against the government, people found the right way to vote, and people were able to fight for what they believed was right. It allowed us to have the democracy we always should have
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