Personal Narrative: The Future Of Basketball

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Four years ago I never thought that basketball would come to an end. During my freshman year I thought that high school was endless, and senior year seemed like a distant future. Last Wednesday brought me back into reality, and showed me that the end is near. It was the District Semi-Final game, and of course we had to play McBain for the third time this season. That day we had an overall good feeling about the game, but there was also this nagging sensation that volleyball may repeat itself. It is very hard to beat a team twice, let alone three times. The routine before the game was the same as it was every game before. Coach gave us the same speech, and gave us the same quote. We were beyond ready for this game, and we were going to be…show more content…
It shouldn’t matter if you put everything you had into the game. This game was an obvious exception to that unspoken rule. The third quarter is the quarter that determines who wants the game more, and when the buzzer sounded to end the quarter we were ahead by eight points. At this point the refs began to blow the game. They started by blatantly not calling moving violations on McBain. In other words, they were allowed to walk all over the floor without being called for traveling. Next, the refs started to call the most ridiculous fouls known to mankind against us. The most prominent foul in that quarter was the technical foul against Laraiah. This was by far the most ludicrous call I have ever witnessed in my entire basketball playing career. The ref that charged Laraiah with the technical foul had his back turned to her when he blew the whistle. Also, when asked why she was charged with the foul each ref gave a different answer. This was the beginning to the end. No matter how hard we tried the calls would never go our way. The game ended with McBain coming out on top. My team and I entered the locker room while sobbing. It shouldn’t have ended like that. Coach Tisron was just as upset as we were. It was his last game coaching the seniors, or in his words “his girls”. We have been with him since our first day on JV. He made sure that each girl got a hug and a thank you for everything that we have done over the
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