Personal Narrative: The Game Against The Philomath Warrior

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It was supposed to be a normal league game against the Philomath Warriors. We beat them handily earlier in the season, but that doesn’t mean we repeat that feat easily. As we walked to the field to start our warm-ups, I talked amongst my teammates about game strategies and tactics. That wouldn’t be the talking point after the game though, it would be something a bit more exciting. Our warm ups had already commenced and we were almost ready for kickoff. Coach blew his whistle and brought us in to talk about the lineup and the game plan. I would be starting in the center of the defense. As I began to walk towards my position, the fall air gave me a mysterious feeling: a sensation I had never felt before. “TWEET!” The whistle indicating the beginning of the game blew. For the first 15 minutes, it was a normal game and we were in total control. We were unlucky to not have got 2 or 3 goals by then. Soon enough, we finally got our first goal around 25 minutes in. As I jogged back to position myself to begin play again, I noticed a slow, limping figure…show more content…
The what seemed to be zombie had infected a player and apparently, infected him into an undead as well. It was the apocalypse in Newport. I was heading for the exit, and I looked back over my shoulder to observe the chaos. It looked as if many players from both teams were inhuman, and a few were chasing me. Crap. I booked it down the parking lot and into the street. I could still feel the presence of my ghouly pursuers, so I didn’t slow down. I took a sharp turn into a street, and lost them. I quickly ran to the nearest house, slammed open the door and stepped inside. The sight I saw wasn’t great. A zombie looked at me straight in the eyes and lunged at me. I looked down to my shoulder and saw jaw marks. It was at that moment, I felt something in my brain. I had the desire to eat human flesh. The world as we know it had
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