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It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Sadly, the thought didn’t run through my mind once I picked up the single cattail. The day started like any at my grandma’s house, the adults were busy and the children were constantly thrust outside to keep the house quiet. One distraction to keep us outside was a craft my mother brewed up. In order to start, my cousins and I needed to survive an expedition. The expedition consisted of walking on a bone dry road, open to the scorching rays of the sun. We needed to reach the pond where we would find our treasure, or in simple eyes cattails. The distraction’s only ingredients were a cattail and crayons. My job, using the crayons, was to color my cattail. After I had finished, I would then wait to take a picture with everyone’s finished product. Instead of being patient,…show more content…
I hated the molasses speed the drops traveled down my ear canal and the tickled bubbling made as they reached the end of their journey. The first few times I obeyed my mother’s wishes to stop my playing and come over to get my daily dosage of antibiotics, however when I realized the pain that came with it I started to brew new ideas. Plan A was ignoring my mother’s calls, it worked for a few minutes until she would find me. On and on I would find new ways to keep making my mother’s willing job harder. I even tried running, but my child sized legs stood no chance against the claws of my mother’s hands. My final solution was to set an alarm a few minutes before my mother would be calling. The few minutes gave me just enough time to dive under the guest room’s bed. Surely enough, the plan worked, at the designated time, I didn’t receive my prescription. I thought I was the smartest kid on the block, but soon enough I got bored and decided to come out. Even though I avoided the pain at the designated time for it, once my mother saw me later, I was faced with the same problem I tried hard to

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