Personal Narrative: The Game That Changed My Life

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The lamp posts cast themselves like trees on the narrow path. The enormous white arch introduces itself first and then allows the plentiful of the structures behind it to shine under the restless night. Thinking back to twelve years ago and how these same buildings gave a sense of confusion and utter seclusion for the world. I had to learn the rules and then I had to perform my best, it was like a ritual only every time I performed I got better at it.
That first night we got to the city of Dallas I was able to catch the glimpse of the buildings that were dispersed from the common people. The game referred to the new lifestyle and the rules were to learn as much of the opportunities that I could now grasp onto. I first stepped into the United States at age six for better living conditions. I knew nothing of the language or the social norms, but all I knew is that school was my priority. I started to play the game of how successful I could get without letting barriers stumble me. During my first years in this country I was put in classes that would help my dialect evolve, I was very attentive and eventually was able to grasp the English dialect, my Spanish accent almost unrecognizable. I always enjoyed learning, but this was a new challenge. A new language, new expectations, and all I could feel was the isolating sensation that burden me. All my peers seem to master the subjects at school and I would always admire those who shot their hand high, while I held my hand down on my lap. The containment was purposeful, I watch those peers who accelerated and made mental notes of how
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One is not born destroying the barriers in my path and then I had to go for what I deserved to gain from the perseverance that had overthrown my fear. The game of the pitfalls of life are never ending but the rules are what have maintained me to persevere for the better of
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