Personal Narrative: The Garretts

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I´ve just got out of the ferry so that I can cross the river and John is acting happy, maybe because the Confederates haven´t caught us yet. I´m glad that I crossed the river too but maybe one day we might be caught. Willie and his friends are taking John and me over Locust Hill, to what he says, the Garretts farm. The Garretts turned out to be kind and let John stay at there house for the night while I join the soldiers to a nearby town. I´m at the town and the town looks great and everyone is so nice. I´m about to go to a bar with the soldiers and right now I´m staying at a hotel room. I was glad to see a bed and a shower, I´ve have not taken a shower in a couple of days and I´ve not slept in a proper bed in a while too. I think John and
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