Personal Narrative: The George Fox Football Team

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This past year I have been fortunate enough to be a part of the George Fox Football Team; a community that many people want to be in but only the strong willed can make it on. I have played football my whole life and the way this team rallies and comes together is by far the best. Throughout, this year I have learned a multitude of life lessons, strengthen my ability to work in a team and to depend on my teammates while we all strive to achieve the same goal. The main uniqueness of my community, The George Fox Football Team, is the acronym that we stand for, T.A.P.E, through these four words I have learned many life lessons that has made me the man I am today. The football team lives and breathes by these four simple concepts of the acronym, without it, we would not be able to grow as a team. The T stands for togetherness meaning as a team working together as one unit to accomplish the team goal of winning. To me togetherness symbolizes a type of family. I love them, trust them, and will do anything for my teammates. When I am on the field I have to be able to trust the man next to me in his…show more content…
Which is needed desperately especially when an obstacle is thrown into a player’s way. Perseverance is what our coaches preach to us every day because it is so important and is needed for us to be successful. Perseverance is what gets you up for 6am workouts, it gets you through the week when it’s been ruff. I have had many times in football where I had gotten a flag thrown on me and the next play I had push through the disappointment of getting one. Because I have and will be hit with many obstacles throughout life and learning to preserver will help me grow as I continue into adulthood. Without perseverance my team would be weak, unable to achieve our goals because we are incapable to push through the rough times. But to always persevere there needs to be some effort put into everyday tasks to help build upon the need and want to
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