Reflective Essay: How To Improve My Writing Skills

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As a child I never really enjoyed writing but reading was very enjoyable. Despite my current writing skills, I never really enjoyed the task. I’ve always loved to copy others penmanship and draw, but when it came to organizing my thoughts about a given topic I struggled to completely express myself.

At a very young age I began to read while in daycare. I then began to annoy my family because while scrolling through the television guide I could identify my favorite shows and they could no longer tell me the show wasn’t on. Once I reached grade school my love for reading was immense. The Geronimo Stilton series by Elizabetta Dami was my favorite and I owned roughly 30 of the books. During car rides, during dinner and even late at night under the bed sheets I would be nose deep in these adventurous stories. Once I finished the book I begged my mom to take me to Borders to pick another. We would spend hours in the bookstore, drinking hot chocolate and reading short stories. At this point, in school I began to do oral book reports. My explanations were always very vague and I was often told to elaborate, which was my biggest issue in writing. By Middle School, I received my first failing grade on a
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With this, I became more aware of how to improve my writing. Tenth Grade was the first year I took the practice writing test; I got a perfect score and was awarded a gift card for having the most creative essay in my class. This showed me that I had grown and made me enjoy writing. We began to read and write prose analysis essays in my literature class and it polished my ability to expond myself. Using the “Says ,Does ,How ,So What” method enhanced my essays tremendously. The skills I learned have helped me to get 12 college acceptances, vacation oppurtunities and full tuition and partial
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