Personal Narrative: The Grass Head Man

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I bought a grass head man last year. The man is a white china sitting samurai with a hollow body and a sword at his side. When I got the man out of his box the upper half of his head was cut away and there was a tiny bag with grass seeds in it. I poured some water on the bag and grass started to grow. It went on growing for two or three weeks until it began to wither. I took the bag out of the man 's head and discovered that there was no soil in the man 's body. So I threw the bag away and put some soil into the body. Then I got a small cactus sprout and stuck it into the soil. Now the sprout is getting bigger and bigger as months pass by. I hope the samurai 's head will look as Marge Simpson 's haircut after some time. Yet at the moment the
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