Personal Narrative: The Great Depression

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I am still the same Ginny. Except we are 3 years into this horrible Depression and I am now 20 years old. It’s been awhile since I’ve been here, but today is a great time to write. I now live on the streets with my parents and even elderly Granny. We live fairly okay for these times. Alcohol is not much of a demand for consumers since it is now legal and not many people can afford it. With that said, father’s business is nowhere near as well as it had been ten years ago, but we still make enough money to survive, but we live on the streets. There is nothing thing I despise more than Tuesdays. Since the economy crashed, we lost all of our savings, and are $13,000 in debt. I am currently what they would call “a working girl”. I’m not exactly thrilled to live a life of crime, but it is…show more content…
Of course, this recession has affected my family like a majorities of families in America: we are earning much less and are currently homeless. Since we bought all of our stocks on margin, we owe our stockbrokers $13,000. Since we have lost all of our savings, we are paying off our debt through time. In about 2 years, we will be able to live stable lives again. Unlike many businesses today, we are able to survive through this depression with our business. I have resorted to radios and movie theatres as an escape from the reality of this Depression. Personally, I like going to the movies better than the listening to the radio, but I hardly have any time to go to the movies with the line of work I do. Herbert Hoover was a terrible president. As president of this country, he could have done more to prevent this disaster from happening. He didn’t show he cared about our economy. He can take his hoover-blankets and Hooverville elsewhere. He’s the reason I am in this mess. I know with all of my heart I hate what I do for a living. Never have I thought my life would be like this. Degrading my body just to survive. It makes me sick to my stomach! My
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