Personal Narrative: The Growth Of Immigrants

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With the United States population growing at a fast rate, 13% of the population is made up of immigrant now. I am a part of that 13%. In 2002, I was six years old and my parents decided to move to the united states from brasil. Around that time the economy was booming in the united states, so they thought that our family could live the american dream here. since i was only six years old i could not really say no so i had to find a way of dealing with the fact that my whole life was about to change. I thought we had a great life in brasil, the house that we lived in was right on the beach, we had maids and driver, school was at night so we could sleep as long as we liked. It was already a dream for me how could it have gotten any better. My…show more content…
A month after he left we head over. it was around september and my father had already enrolled me in kindergarten. I knew absolutely no english only portuguese but thank god i was young i picked up english very easily. I only had to take ESOL until the third grade but since english was not my first language i still talked with a strong accent. I had to do speech therapy until the eighth grade. that is where the problems started occurring. In middle school many people picked on me because i was different. i had an accent so they would make fun of me by mimicking my accent, my voice was fairly high pitched too so that did not help at all. I knew it was only going to get worse as the years went on so i practiced english like crazy. I would watch tv and listen to music all the time to really pick up how the said some words. my speech therapy teacher said she saw a lot of improvement in me over the summer. By the end of eighth grade i spoke english perfectly.
High school will be different, and it was no one made fun of me or made me feel like i did not belong in america. After six or seven years of living here in the united states, my family finally started following american traditions, we celebrated thanksgiving and the fourth of july. it took three years though to get it down and actually eat turkey on thanksgiving and hot dogs and hamburgers on the fourth of july. but finally my family can be considered american. we have come a long
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