Personal Narrative: The Homeless Worker

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Sitting in the corner of the room waiting for the person who was about to give me a job and the one I will learn to despise. With my resume in one hand and a bundle of overconfidence in the other. I knew this job was mine. I was overqualified and had a plethora of experience in customer service. I was utterly most positive, I had got the job. Pretty soon the smell of grease and heart attack was soon going to be my next exotic fragrance. The sight of array of tables and chairs, windows showing a vivid view of the busy Mills Avenue, walls of grey and dark undertone (saying eat more), and hungry perfectionist standing adjacent to the counter was going to be the only thing I will see. The sound of loud machines and the constant yell of “Welcome…show more content…
I stud up to greet him.While standing I noticed a slight sound of mexican music from the back of the restaurant and the countless number of homeless people protesting their pure hatred for the restaurant outside the large windows. I always seem to notice the slightest detail of things and people. After we shook hands we sat down and began the interview. He was quite heavy set. His receding hairline suggested he was around mid 40’s-50’s. His breath reeked of his onions and taco’s which by the way was still extremely visible on his front teeth. His words were delayed and very specific, as if he really put thought into his words like he was talking to a detective trying to bust his balls, especially once I told him I was studying psychology. I honestly don 't know why people jump to this assumptions. As though their lives are so intriguing, I have to be the one to analyse them to in order to dig up secrets from their past. Or at least, it’s the messages they are non-verbally communicating to me. He was on the edge and was sweating more that I was. I was beginning to think I was the one interviewing him simply because how nervous he was. After 30 minutes of him telling me his life story he told me, “you got the Job!” Then preceded to tell me his life story and while working at the restaurant I would i will be doing things that appeal to some as immoral. Things such as cracking down on the homeless people trying to cause theft and vandalize the amazing jack in the box. This very thing made me question my moral. I felt sorry for the people that are forced into those positions. I have honestly been in there shoes, so I know how rough times could be. But, I also know that life is a struggle and one must be have a strong determined personality. I wasn 't always an
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