Personal Narrative: The Horrid Hurricane

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The Horrid Hurricane

Whether I live or not, it will not be decided by me or anyone else, it would be decided by the huge bloodthirsty barbarian coming to Texas. This might be the end of me unless I can escape it. It was one normal night on August 28th except one thing. A hurricane was going to hit that night and cause pandemonium throughout southern Texas. Hurricane Harvey just turned into a category 5 and it was about to unleash its Impetus on Angletown. Me and my wife Brooke and are toddler Celeb were about to witness something we have never seen before. We would witness a hurricane being the death of 100 people
5:00 am Hurricane Hurley strikes Texas with tremendous “BANG” and takes everyone by surprise. Me and my family went in our closet because that was the safest place to be when the hurricane hit. We waited there while the hurricane brews over. The hurricane destroys everything in its path like a
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Me and my wife yelled and waved our arm until they could see us. They sent down a basket for us to be lifted up. Brooke and Celeb went up first when they made it up I thought that all the problems were over. Then it was my turn I was going up when the wind kicked in and swung the basket wildly. When I reached the helicopter I was inundated, I was cold, and most of all I was scared of what would happen next.

After getting other survivors we made it to a shelter. That’s where we went to sleep that was where we ate that was where we entertained our self. This is what we did for 5 days until we went back to our home. When we went back to our home, we saw it was demolished. The whole house was flooded and ruined. We went back to the shelter not knowing what would happen next. We didn 't know where we would stay, where we would go, or what would happen to us. The only thing we knew was that we were going to be
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