Personal Narrative: The Horrifying, Stalking Relative

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The Horrifying, Stalking Relative Statement of intent I wrote this creative piece based on the things I really love. I wanted to create a story which had two of my favourite things. That is, the snow along with scary movies. This was written for the teenagers like me that love outdoors and scary movies. The tone that I’m trying to achieve is tense crafted and controlled selection of writing that is appropriate to my year 12 class and teacher. This involves developing, sustaining and structuring ideas and using appropriate language features to create meaning and effects such as fear. It was a strange morning. The snow was zombie-white. Snowflakes along with branches coming together as one, making the trees and bushes look like ice sculptures. As the sun begins to rise, the snowflakes begin to dissolve, creating puddles in front of all the downhill houses. While I begin to walk downtown, I spot an ugly looking man staring at me from afar. I have an uneasy feeling about this guy, so I begin to walk towards him. As I make my way towards him, he runs away and I run on after him. He…show more content…
I gaze down at all the children running around the park, then spot the same man staring from a distance. He smiles at me and I smile back, he literally changes his smile into a creepy smirk. A smirk that people have when they’re about to do something creepy. He walks towards my house and stands at the same spot behind the oak tree. With a crow sitting on the tree above him. I close my eyes and look back at the same spot. There he is again standing there, like he doesn’t have anything else to do in his life. I cry out to my mother, “Mother he’s stalking me, tell him to get away!!” she runs out side and stares at me then says, “I can’t see anyone, you might be seeing things again”. I walk down stairs and begin to cry, my mother walks towards me and says, “it’s okay, you don’t need to worry about anything, I’ll be right here next to you.” She hugs me really tight and begins to cry
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