Personal Narrative: The Importance Of Being Jewish

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I felt my heart hammering in my chest. I knew I was next and my anxiety was trying to get the better of me but I knew better. When I heard my name called, I slowly got up from my seat. I glanced around me and caught my brother’s eye. He gave me a small smile, giving me the courage I needed to get myself to the stage. As I stood in front of the podium I looked over the crowd. Everyone’s eyes were on me. My heart started pounding in my ear, words escaping my mind. All I could do was wonder how I had ended up here. I was never really in touch with my Jewish roots. I observed many of the sacred holidays and I was Bat Mitzvah, but I did not take my heritage seriously. Sunday religious school was more a social event than educational. Being Jewish…show more content…
As I was talking however, I did not feel like I was telling them who I am, but the cold hard facts. I took another breath and turned my speech over and turned my attention to the crowd. Instead of telling them why I was the right person to represent their regional, I told them why I wanted to represent them. My voice caught in my throat as I told everyone who I really was, ignoring the voice in my head telling me to be someone I’m not. When I finished, I felt myself smile, knowing that I told everyone what they needed to know, the truth about who I am. Since that day, I no longer need to make myself sound like someone who I’m not. The strongest friendships I’ve had are friendships that neither of us need to suppress who we were because we were open with one another; my friends know who I am. I am Jewish. Though I spent years hiding this fact because I felt different than everyone else. After years of feeling as though I heave to be like everyone else, now I know better. I am different and I embrace it. I am spunky and I embrace it. I am Jewish and I embrace it. I am not perfect and I embrace it. I am Rachel Karp and I embrace it. All of these make me
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