Personal Narrative: The Inquisitorials

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¨I shrank back- but the closing walls pressed me resistlessly onward. At length, for my seared and writhing body, there was no longer an inch of foothold on the firm floor of the prison¨ As I slowly fell into the dark greedy abyss, as I felt gravity claim me once more with its greedy, inescapable claws, I thought I heard a voice, not the typical voice of two strangers meeting for the first time, but a soft, quiet voice speak to me, of which it spoke I cannot currently recall. What I can recall of the voice was that it was oddly soothing and that it brought on an odd, familiar calm, of which I haven’t since I was but a boy, like that of a mother coddling their child. As I fully fell into the pit time seemed to crawl to a slow, and I could feel…show more content…
Then a thought struck me if I were to climb on top of the body I could use it as a crude raft so that I would not drown as I collect myself. As I struggled atop the corpse the skin started to tear and rip giving me an approximate time in which this body had been here. Finally atop the poor victim of the Inquisitorials I noticed that the reason I could see down in this desolate, watery tomb was not from the superheated metal above but from a lit torch in a brazer mounted on the wall directly across from me. It was then I noticed a peculiar sight of a great portculis which in itself was strange for I saw no reason that one would be down here for any forsee able reason unless it was for my captors twisted form of glee in seeing their victims suffer. As I examined the portculis I could not help but notice that it did not seem to meet the ground between two walkways on either side. It was then that I realized that this small gap in between was actually a shallow tributary which then lead me to believe that I had somehow found myself in the sewer system underneath of Toledo. This was it my chance at escape I swam to the gap and went under the narrow space between the ground and the
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