Personal Narrative: The Insane Asylum

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I stepped out of the black, imposing vehicle and into the freezing wind. I shivered as it cut through my thick jacket like knives. As the car pulled away and began to disappear, I began my trek towards the building in which I would begin my mission: the insane asylum. No one knew what went on in there, not even the government, which was why they sent me to find out. It was a rather mysterious place, where the air was cold, no light ever shone from the few windows placed on the building, all was silent, and you always felt as if you were being watched. I peered through my dark glasses, seeing a tall, iron-wrought gate not to far away. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. As I approached the gate, I spotted cameras wired along the cold metal.…show more content…
My agency sent me equipped with only a knife, a radio, a flashlight, and a camera. I was to take pictures of my findings and report back to the government. I took the radio out of the pocket of my coat and turned it on. Useless. All I could hear was static. Sticking the radio back into my pocket, I began to look around the dark room, seeing a desk near the back of the room. I crept over, finding papers, including files of the patients. Some of the papers were marked with large red X’s, and my curiosity piqued, wondering what those could mean. Looking closer at one of the photos on one of the files, the patient looked almost ghoulish. They were disfigured, to the point where they looked to be more monster than man. I shivered a bit, suddenly feeling as if someone were watching me. I froze, listening for any sign of life near me. I let out a shaky breath; I was probably just paranoid. I continued to shuffle through the files on the desk, until I heard two voices outside the door. I dove underneath the desk, my hand on my knife. The door opened, and two middle-aged men walked in, their words too quiet for me to make out. One of them stopped replying. My heart pounded loudly in my chest, loud enough to the point I thought that the two in the room could hear. One of the men chuckled…show more content…
My eyes widened in horror. The thought struck me that I might have to spend the rest of my life in this accursed place. Then I heard clanking coming my way. I whirled around, seeing a tall, muscular silhouette coming my way. He appeared to be dragging along a large metal pipe, and then he stopped walking, His head turned in my direction. I began to back away slowly, turning my flashlight off. My eyes adjusted to the dark slowly, and I could see his broad figure walking slowly towards me, his metal pipe scraping the cold stone floor. I began to run, sensing the danger that he carried. I heard the man behind me keep his steady pace. I ran, sometimes stumbling over unknown objects on the floor. I ran, still hearing the beating of the pipe on the ground. I turned a corner and rushed through a nearby door, my only thought being to escape from the monster that pursued me. The door locked from the inside, and I dragged a table I found inside the room in front of the door. I heard the sound of the pipe come closer and closer. I darted inside of a locker, shutting the door quietly. I hoped it would keep me safe for now. I heard wood cracking and saw splinters of wood fly through the air through the slits of the locker. The door and the table had been smashed by the metal the creature held in his hands. I dared not breathe, as it might give away my presence. My heart pounded in my chest as the
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