Personal Narrative: The Inside Running Academy

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It’s the end of the first week and I don’t think it could of gone any better. Since my last post quite a bit has happened, I got a new roomie from Zimbabwe he has an African name but we call him Double. Double plays hooker and has some of the best dance moves I’ve ever seen. We also got three new boys from Argentina, the Gomez brothers the two younger ones play in the back line but the eldest brother plays flanker. One of the reasons coming to NZ was important to me was to get to imporove my fitness by putting on the right kind of weight and strenght. Our mornings start with a gym session with Dan. At the moment I need to work on perfecting movements before I can start adding weight. There is a lot of gym work I need to do but with the help of everyone here at the Inside Running academy I can’t wait to get started. We had a pretty intense cardio session after weights on Wednesday that involved a circuit that had us doing 1min intervals between the rowing machine, stationary bike, burpees and shoulder press in teams of four (tall vs short)…show more content…
In doing so we try to stop getting injuries that were preventable in the first place. My problems came from my weak shoulder as well as tight ankles and hips flexers. I was then given a program that I am to do during our morning gym sessions with Dan. We also were given concussion tests. Results of the tests are to be used to as a basis to compare for possible future
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