Personal Narrative: The Iowa Attack Black

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As we approached the red and black car, I got into the car and noticed how roomy the car was. I was very exuberated to go to Minnesota. I packed 3 very stuffy bags.One of my bags was filled with clothes. The second one was filled with all my basketball stuff. The final bags were filled with extras ( toothbrush, toothpaste, food, etc.).The car was very empty on the way there.My dad was driving. My mom was in the passenger seat and I was in the back with my sister. On they way there we saw a really cool, broke down farm. It was still up and running but, it didn 't have any animals.It took us about 8 or 9 hours to get there. Right when we got there we walked into our motel. The Motel was like dark and broke down, but the rooms were huge. Right…show more content…
After we ate breakfast and did a little shopping we went to my game. Right when we walked in it smelt like hardwood floors and sweat. We were all ready to play. The first team we played was two grades above us. You could tell they were more mature than us, but we still weren 't scared. Their name was All Iowa Attack Black. Our starting lineup was Q, Joe, Matthew, Drew, and me. I started off tipping and we scored right off the bat. We stayed aggressive the whole game bumping cutters making sure they got no easy buckets, and we ended up winning 52-15. We ended up playing in the championship game on Sunday. We played the Rising Stars. They were all just as talented as us so it all came down to whoever plays the hardest. We had a different starting lineup this game. Jack replaced Drew. This game we got punched in the mouth right at the start of the game. We were getting beat 8-0. Then we started to realize this team was actually pretty good. They had a couple of very efficient shooters but they were a mainly inside team. At the half the score was 29-28. We were down by 1. They had a very selfish player that had almost half of their points. So we figured if we just lock him up when knew we were gonna win. He scored about 5 more points to start the 3nd half so by that time i just started guarding him. I knew he was weak minded and just wanted to shoot over me so i was just gonna be aggressive with him the whole time. He finally got me in the open court and everyone cleared out it was just me and him in the backcourt. Swear dripping down my face i knew thus is where I can make or break the game. Right here right now. The crowd went silent. He started to dribble and took about 3 dribbles then i just had to reach. I thought i was gonna get a foul but i ripped it from him and took back to the other side and dunked it. By this time everyone was on their feet. Everyone on the bench was jumping exuberantly and excited. They ended up calling a timeout to chill
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