Personal Narrative: The J. V. Basketball Game

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I can remember the game so clearly, it was during the second quarter of the J.V. basketball game and I had just gotten the rebound and passed it out to Kelsie. Next thing I know a player from the opposing team came up right beside me and hit me in the side, I feel a big pop and hear a loud crack. I’m in excruciating pain, but I push through it and keep on playing because it 's my last quarter for the J.V. game and it 's almost halftime. I can make it until after the game tonight right, it won’t be that bad?, I remember thinking to myself as I can barely breathe because something 's wrong with my back, but I know this pain, my ribs are out of place and I won 't get any relief until we go to the chiropractor. Who knows when I’ll go to the
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