Personal Narrative: The Journal For Conquering Middle School

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The Journal For Conquering Middle School
The time had come for me to become a 6th grader. It would definitely be a difficult transition for me going to a brand new place with hulking monsters known to everyone as the eighth graders. Going to middle school would mean that I would have to meet new people from other elementary schools and that I could possibly lose my old friends. I really wanted to stay behind in elementary school where everything seemed so predictable and friendly. I also wanted to stay behind in elementary school because I never wanted to start studying for tests and quizzes. Ugh! The memory of the summer of before 6th grade still remains with me like the back of my hand. I still can picture seeing water pouring out
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Middle school was extremely ardous for me . I constantly had to write essays every single night because we read one novel every week. It seemed like I could never have a break from writing. The sheer amount of homework was nerve-wracking because I never expected this much homework. I remember expressing some of my my thoughts in my journal such as how hard writing essays was and how challenging my math tests were. I also enjoyed telling about Mr. Anderson’s easy tests for history, and my oddly eccentric French teacher Mrs. Monacelli. To cope with the everlasting amount of stress and pressure I got, I wrote in my journal every single day of 6th grade.

My journal became a source of hope, inspiration, and happiness for me as I went down the road through middle school. My journal was best friend. I never left my home without it. I constantly wrote in it everywhere I went whether it be waiting for my various clubs and activities to happen, or on the bus, or during the bus ride home . My journal was like a big huge cooking pot that beckoned me to write in it everyday. The pot was never too small to hold all my ideas and thoughts.
“Write in me,” it would say.
“Share your life with me!” it
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