Personal Narrative: The Journey Back To High School

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The entire ride had been an interesting one. No one had thought that anything like this would happen to a small band from SFT. Many of the students were thinking about the night before. Why wouldn’t we considering our basketball team had won state. Which was definitely better then what our current situation was.
We were riding back to the high school from the girls’ basketball game in Wichita. The girls had managed to pull through and win state for our school. Despite the rough start, the shot from half court was all anyone could discuss. This was a perfect start for our New Orleans trip. We were all antsy about getting back to the high school so we could head out. Many people were still deciding whom they should sit with, luckily my friend,
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Falling asleep when things were going out of whack was easy. After another three hours, I suddenly heard a rumble of a large engine starting. Was the other bus finally here? Mr. Quilling had stood up and announced that we were back in action. My thoughts just went blank and I felt myself just imagine the last six hours of sitting in this humid and smelly bus. No words could truly explain the emotions going through me when the bus started to move again. Morgan called our teacher to the back of the bus to start questioning him on how the bus had started again. His explanation was so vague that we felt our confusion of what went wrong in the first place rise up with our frustration with the bus breaking down. My emotions were almost visible in my mind’s eye. A giant, swirling, cyclone took up every corner of my mind.
With my mind occupied with fighting off my many emotions, the rest of the time on the bus flew by. Driving into New Orleans finally brought thoughts into my mind that I could process. First was the beauty of the buildings around us. Everything was better than I could ever picture. My mind tried to take pictures that I could look over again in the future. Arriving to our hotel was the biggest relief that has ever rushed through
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