Native American Monologue

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I hear something in the distance, I grab Jackie’s hand and hide behind a tree. We both peek our heads out on the sides, curious and scared on who or what we are about to see. Two horses trott by, pulling a stagecoach. I gasp when I see the people inside. A large woman obnoxiously talks to her daughter, as her husband looks tiredly forward. The woman are in large dresses with tight corsets around their stomach. The man is a coat and tights. They pass by and Jackie whisper yells out. ¨I think we have time-traveled?¨ Unsure of herself. Normally, I would have would have laughed at her, but this time I think she is right. “I think so too,” I whisper, “We need clothes to blend in until we can figure this out.” She agrees and we start to follow the stagecoach.…show more content…
We wait until they are preoccupied and once they are, we sneak up into the cart and grab two boxes of clothes. We run as fast and as far as we can and sit down with a huff. “That was actually fun,” she giggles out as she opens her box. Inside is a pale purple dress with white embroidery. She smiles, until she sees the corset that comes with it. I burst out laughing at her face. She opens my box and smirks at me at the tights. I stop laughing. After changing we both turn around, when I see her I can 't help but stare. She was beautiful, the purple color complimented her skin perfectly and the dress traced her body, hugging every curve until it flowed out at the hip. “Is something wrong?” she whispers and looks down, nervously. I blush, knowing even been caught staring, ¨Do I look silly?¨ She questions as she starts to pull at her skirt. “No! Um, not at all.” I blush into a deeper red, “You look beautiful,” I pick a pale flower off the ground and placed it in her wavy blonde hair,
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