Personal Narrative: The Joy Of Hunting

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Growing up, I watched a lot of hunting shows. I would see these people set up their trail cameras, pick out a big buck, and then go out a hunt it. The final result always seemed to be them succeeding and killing that buck. They made it look so easy. I always imagined and dreamed that someday that would be me. I have learned that it is harder than it looks, but dreams do come true.
It was a warm day in the middle of August. My dad and I had put up the trail cameras a couple weeks before, and decided that we would go pull them and see what deer we have that year. We began looking and had made our way through hundreds of pictures when I found myself staring at what I thought was a really large buck. I immediately called dibs on it. I loved how it had split brow tines on one side, and then triple split brow tines on the other. I told my dad “I’m naming this deer Triple Threat and I’m going to shoot it this year. This deer is mine.” My dad says “You
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I was really surprised how many bucks were showing up. Before I knew it, there were five really nice bucks feeding. I was showing my dad a buck out my window and saying I thought it was nice, when my dad goes “That’s a really nice deer, but a bigger one just came out.” I looked to where he was pointing and saw a giant deer. I immediately knew that I was going to shoot it. I started freaking out along with my dad. We let it walk in a little more. It was about 130 yards away when my dad told me to get my gun out the window and be ready. I was shaking so bad. My dad goes “okay, whenever you are ready shoot it.” I was ready to get this over with so within a second I pulled the trigger. “BOOOOMMM!” All the deer cleared the field, including the buck. He jumped the fence and stopped. I told my dad “Shoot it again!” My dad shot at it and it ran down a hill. I was so nervous. I knew I hit the deer, but I didn’t know if I hit him good enough to kill
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