Personal Narrative: The Joys Of Skiing

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Since I was in about 1st grade, I have been skiing with my family. I have been to many different places to go skiing, such as resorts in Colorado, Wisconsin, and Michigan. One particular story takes place at a resort in Colorado called Vail, when I was about 11 years old. My family and my friends family were driving three hours from the airport to the resort through the cold, snowy weather. We finally got to the house we stayed at and went to sleep. Over the night, it had snowed about one and a half feet. In the morning, we woke up eager to get out on the fresh snow and ski. We hurried to the mountain with our skis and took the lift to the top of the mountain. As we started skiing, we approached a section of the mountain where we could only…show more content…
The rest of the trail was mostly easy besides the frequent rocks and moguls we had to ski around. The group and I finished the trail and some decided to take a break. I asked my dad if he wanted to go to the extreme terrain course again. He said that I was crazy, and gave in. We went up the same lift a second time and skied down until we got to the cliff. This time, having a plan, I skied fast towards the cliff and soared through the air. I made my body tight and held the same position until I got close to the ground. I bent my knees and absorbed the shock and landed. This time we both landed on our skis and I was so thrilled to tell the news to my mom, the rest of my family, and pretty much anyone who wanted to listen. This story demonstrates the importance of the core value, challenge. When I was attempting to ski down the cliff the first time, I couldn’t do it, but when I changed my strategy, I could land on my skis. My story shows the core value challenge because the cliff was an obstacle to overcome or a challenge. I believe in this core value because it makes people stronger by teaching them that sometimes, you need to change your strategy and make a new

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