Personal Narrative: The Jung Typology Test

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After taking the personality test, it was revealed that I am a INFJ, noted as “The Protector” (Jung Typology Test, n.d.). The two letter temperament score I received was a NF or “Idealist,” “Counselor” (The Personality Page, n.d.). I – Introverted For this personality type, introverted is someone who is “meditative and reflective” (Kroeger, 2002) and “thinks through a problem so we understand it” (The Personality Page, n.d.). Introversion takes the form of pondering “big-picture context” (Kroeger, 2002) and looking for meaning in everyday life. For myself, this description holds true, as I am a pastor by vocation, and tend toward study and theology as a means of understanding. I do not like large crowds and do not need to be the center…show more content…
He goes on to note that this personality type is lead to “pursue the theoretical and accomplish most goals by which academic achievement is measured” (Kroeger, 2002). This is also true for my life as I find myself always looking for new ways to study and learn, seeking more education. The last break I took from attending school was spent exploring what other avenues of education were open to me and the possibilities of branching out into other areas of study. The intuitive part of my personality holds well in my vocation as well, as pastor and counselor, working with people who are hurting that may not even know why they are where they are. The Personality Page notes “INFJs have uncanny insight into people and situations” (n.d.). This is true for my interactions with others, and also that I feel people seek me out for counsel, even when I am not known to them as a pastor. Also holding true for this personality type is my desire to hold my own personal matters close and not confide in others about myself (The Personality Page, n.d.). It has taken me many years to learn to trust others with what I hold close, and I have built a small circle of close friends that I can share…show more content…
As both the profile itself (The Personality Page, n.d.) and the Type Talk at Work text (Kroeger, 2002) both affirm, my profession of pastor is well suited for my INFJ personality. Additionally, Kroeger notes that the INFJ contributes to the workplace by “turn(ing) work into a cause and injects – with quiet serious focus – inspiration and devotion throughout the organization” (2002). This ability to inspire others to carry out their mission in the workplace or in life is a useful trait for a pastor. I have not considered this before this profile quiz, but can see the benefits and the history of this in my
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