Personal Narrative: The LA Plaza De Arte Y Cultura

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The two museums that I chose to visit were the LA Plaza de Arte y Cultura and The America Tropical: Interpretative Center. Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities in California with plenty of museums and places to visit. There is so much history to learn about that I had not realized before. I try to avoid the area due to high traffic, but the area was nice and there were so many friendly people. I am not originally from Los Angeles; I grew up in the Inland Empire, but Los Angeles always fascinated me. The fast pace life style of Los Angeles and how much history there is behind it is what fascinates me. That is actually one of the reasons I chose to attend Cal State Los Angeles in order to be closer to Los Angles. In the past I have visited…show more content…
Getting to the museum was difficult because it was hard to find them. My husband and I decided to park our car, walk, and just ask someone for directions. We walked around Main Street and looked at all the things local vendors were selling in the street. They had clothing, food, shoes, purses, and other nick knacks, that represented our Mexican culture. There were many vendors dressed in red, white, and green and were very friendly, some even spoke English. I was happy to also see other race there. I expected to see only the Mexican culture, but it’s nice to see that we all have a shared interest for the Mexican-American…show more content…
I have never been much into paintings or murals, so I don’t feel like I captured the true importance of the mural. I did like the interactive aspect of the America Tropical. There was so much to read and there were interactive videos and pictures. The LA Plaza museum had a real life movie set on the second level. I enjoyed seeing all the pretend stores and looking at all the artifacts they had. It almost felt like I went back in time. Both museums were not crowded and there were free to the general public. I feel like the museums are in an perfect location in

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