Personal Narrative-The Lakeness Monster

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The Lakeness Monster It was just a normal fishing day with my Grandpa. Out on the lake on the fishing boat, catching food for the family fish fry. Then, an unusual tug on the line. Knowing that there were only bluegill in the lake, I was slightly frightened. I was so used to easily reeling the fish in after they were caught on the line, but not this one. This “fish” was a monster. It was by far the hardest I had ever had to reel in any fish on my Grandpa’s lake and I wasn’t planning on letting it get away. As I reeled the “fish” closer and closer, I realized that this was not a fish. It was a very large oval shaped animal. It was a enormous snapping turtle; by far the largest I had ever seen in person.
The place that we were fishing was called “The Turtle Log”. The reason for that name is that there is a fallen tree in the lake that all kinds of turtles hang out on. My brother and I had come up with the name. It is a joke that my grandpa and I had made, that every time we fish at that spot, one of us has to hit a turtle with their hook. We thought it would bring good luck to our fishing. Before
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We had caught about 15 bluegill throughout the morning and decided to take a break. We headed back to the pier to tie up and get some lunch. One of the best parts about fishing, was coming home to a huge lunch that my grandma had been preparing for Grandpa and I. She made us sandwiches and chips and the leftover food from dinner the night before. That big lunch was followed by her famous banana pudding. After getting refueled by Grandma’s pudding, Grandpa and I had decided to go out and go fishing again. I was determined to catch that monster turtle. We set out on our fishing journey to the same place we had a few hours before, at “The Turtle Log”. This time I told my grandpa, “Things are going to be different”, and I was correct. Things were very different, but not in the way I had thought they would
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