Personal Narrative: What It Means To Bear Arms

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I am that kid.
You know that kid.
I am that kid who sings, but hates listening to their own voice. I loathe hearing the sound in videos and recordings.
The kid who believes in no modern god or goddess. I question the existence of a higher power.
I am the kid who dislikes hiking trails and would rather make my own path, not worrying about getting lost. I prefer to climb through layers of timber than take a marked trail that leads me to my destination. I adore going on an adventure.
That kid who will willingly give his life protecting his family, friends and random innocents. I am a fighter not a runner. I am the kid who fears my friends or family dying from something, I could have prevented.
That kid who listens to friends and family in need and help the best way I can. I’ll listen to
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My father and I shoot almost every week and the firearms community is always enthusiastic.
I hope to become a successful firearms manufacturer and gunsmith.
I fight for my opinion and speak up for what I believe in. I research subjects I feel strongly about, so that I have facts and truth to back up my convictions.
I am the kid who is disgusted by people saying the Second Amendment is meant for hunters and muzzle loaders. These people insult the founding fathers by saying they would probably change the Second Amendment if they knew we would have the weapons we have today. I am the kid who knows guns such as the Belton Flintlock, that could fire twenty rounds in five seconds; the Girandoni Rifle has a twenty-two round magazine, that can be fired in thirty seconds; the Pickle Gun, a Gatling gun like weapon; and the Pepperbox Revolvers which can have a twenty round bullet capacity existed during the Revolutionary War.
I am that kid who drank beer and whiskey at my brother party and aided in the disposal of the evidence.
I am that kid who obsesses about fishing. I love the way fishing brings people together even if the people are complete
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