Personal Narrative: The Life Of My Life

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My mind was drifting away to the timeless nights where I sneaked out of my house. Carefully, I would close the front door as the knocker which was shaped like an eagle watched my every move as I crept through the meandering pathway which was filled with thorn covered vines to keep the nargles away from the fruits which daneled from the towering trees. Following the pebbled path, the stones lead me towards the rusty gates. As I opened the gates, my whole body was welcomed by the serene meadows. Every day I craved the mellow wind which enchantingly nurtured my nostrils with distinctive scents from the far-flung places of the world. Continuing my journey to where my heart echoed, I stumbled warily not to disturb the owl’s wise discussions. Barefoot and carefree, I was sauntering on the restful wet lime sea of greenery. My feet would laugh ever so often as the joyful daisies tickled them. The prodigious oak trees accompanied by eden-green leaves stood in solitary to beckon me with their sprawling calmness. Brisk air was seeping into my lungs, filling me with tranquillity. Shadows were now dwindling away so the fireflies escorted me on my journey as I continued strolling along. Never did the unlightined atmosphere enslave me into submission. Memories of home indulged my mind. I remember just the other night I would beg for the porcelain moon to return. Gleaming in the ray of light, my radiant dandelion dress shore in unison my earrings dandled rhythmically according to the
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