Personal Narrative: The Lincoln Memorial

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When I was in the 2nd grade i went on the most intresting field trip. I was surprised that my parents paid a lot of money just so i can go to the Lincoln Memorial. I can not expressed how i was feeling at that age, i was so happy. I took my bestfriend Jack, he did not have to pay a single penny. Our school was on fall break so that is when we went so i spent my whole break with my best buddy. We left on a saturday and got at our destination about Sunday night. The Memorial was obviously closed when we got there but i just couldnt wait any longer to go see and learn. As a little kid we all had dreams and my dream was to become President one day. Monday morning we got up pretty early and went out to breakfast. The food in Washinton D.C is amazing i had this meat skillet with over easy eggs on the top. After we enjoyed our delicious breakfast we headed to the memorial. I couldnt believe my eyes when we got there.…show more content…
It was crowded. There was water in the middle and you can see the abraham lincoln statue. I yelled at my parents to take us there. We got so close to the statue and took pictures. I would never lose those pictures. While i was up there i learned so much about our 16th President. I did not know he was our 16th President at first but now i know cause of that field trip. I also learned that he did not have very much schooling and he was the only president to hold a patent. I took so much knowledge into my head that day. Because of that day it helped me a lot passing history. Best field trip i have ever taken in my life. I will take my childen there one
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